Added roots to my Rose wig. Next step will be thinning the wig out a tiny bit. It’s so thick that the bun I have to make is the size of a large cinnamon roll lol.



Dressing Outlander

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SO MANY DYING WHALE NOISES the costumes on this show slay me

@spockspeak said: they look really nice! Where did you get them from?

     They’re from eBay- I think WigGlamour was the seller. They have so many nice looking wigs- and both of these are heat resistant lace fronts. The brown one was a style that you could pick both color and length.

@kittyfuckingpryde said: a) these wigs are awesome b) you have like the most perfect eyebrows ever

    STAHP IT. It has taken me a very long time to get my eyebrows to a place where I like them, so thank you very much <3 <3

spockspeak kittyfuckingpryde

While the wigs were great, my bow was not. I ordered from this buyer because I loved the fact it was a foldable bow that would flip open like Hawkeye’s does in the movie. It arrived today and the quality just wasn’t great. Duct tape was used in multiple places, as were plastic bottle caps. After sitting and looking at it for a while, I realized I wouldn’t have walked into a convention with it even if I had made it personally- and definitely shouldn’t have paid for it. Thankfully, the seller is letting me return it for a refund. Back to the drawing board.

I won't post the name of the maker if you were wondering


Both of these obviously need cut and/or styled, but I really love them. The hair is so soft. The only problem with them is that the caps themselves are very small. With my large head and ton of hair, that’s a slight problem- more so on the Rose one since it will be pulled up. The Peggy one is already in almost perfect finger wave curls- it’s so prettyyy. AHHHH I’m so happy with them.

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